What Went On This Week #12

Afternoon all! This post is, again, a little later than usual, and Isla and I are currently watching an incessant amount of Show Me Show Me, whilst I attempt to eat the leftover Easter chocolate (I’ll explain why ‘attempt’ shortly). I’ve got to say…

23rd April 2017

My Top 5 Zara Shoe Picks

SO, I’m up very early, and I thought I’d bash out a quick blog post about my favourite Zara shoes, because… well Zara is great isn’t it and their shoe collection is just spot on this year! I actually do have a serious problem…

22nd April 2017

The Topshop Blouse Everyone’s Talking About

Don’t you love it when you find a piece of clothing and you just, CLICK with it? That’s what happened with this Topshop blouse. I wanted to start this week on a high with some photos that Adam took of me over the weekend,…

18th April 2017

What Went On This Week #11

FOUR DAY WEEK GUYS, and four days off – What a time to be alive! HAPPY EASTER! I’m actually being a lot more organised this week and this SHOULD go out in the morning (high 5 to me if it happens)! As usual I…

16th April 2017

My Current Go-To Outfit #3

Happy Wednesday guys! On the little hump again, and I’m particularly happy because it’s so very nearly aΒ 4 day weekend! EASTER! MINI EGGS! SLEEP! Anyway, onto the outfit. I’ve got a confession to make… I have a problem. With stripy shirts and t-shirts, in…

12th April 2017

What Went On Last Week #9/#10

A late one, because I’ve been so terrible – sorry guys. I thought I’d include an update on how the week before last went too, since I didn’t get a post up then either! I’m sitting in bed trying not to rest my phone…

9th April 2017

The Skin Diaries – Month 2

Hi guys, Another installement and update of how I’m getting on with the course of Proactiv+ products that I’ve been using for a little over two months now! I won’t lie, it’s been a bit stressful because my skin’s not behaved itself, but my…

7th April 2017

QUICK & EASY: The Khaki Shirt

Ola everyone. I haven’t done a little quick and easy post for you in a while, so here we are – hello! Today I’m chatting about a favourite little piece in my wardrobe – this khaki shirt from Missguided. I’ve had it for quite…

4th April 2017

The First Spring Outfit

The clocks have finally gone forward, the evenings are getting lighter, and we can finally wear less layers (I AM SO EXCITED!). Sunday was Mother’s Day, and although it was a little chilly, I wanted to make the most of the sun, so opted…

29th March 2017

My Current Go-To Outfit #2

Hola, guys! I’m back with a quick style post today, I’ve missed doing them! Apologies for the lack of posts recently, as well, I’ve been so damn busy and lost the push that I finally got from posting so regularly! I’ve got lots planned…

25th March 2017