Current Skin & Beauty Favourites

Hello! It’s been quite a few months since I did an skin update (more on that in a few weeks), I figured it would be nice to chat to you about my favourite skin and beauty products that I’ve been loving recently. Let’s get…

21st August 2017

Stripe Cami

Howdy – an actual outfit post from me… who knew? I’ve shot a couple of looks to go out over the next few weeks, but I wanted to share this one first, purely because STRIPE CAMI, hello. I think it’s in the sale now…

20th August 2017

12 ASOS Summer Pieces (with 15% off)

If, like me, you’re off on your holiday in September, now is the perfect time to start browsing the shops for summer sale pieces. I popped into H&M yesterday and actually managed to get three bikinis for under £20, which to me, is an…

19th August 2017


  Ola again – I’m back with a little review for you today. 
Remember when I popped down to London the weekend for my birthday? And I was lucky enough to go on a little dinner date with the wonderful girls at LabelPR and…

11th August 2017

Pay Day Picks

Ola chaps and chapettes, IT’S PAY DAY TOMORROW! You don’t understand how excited I am to be able to grab some items from the shops. I’ve been dyyyying to go shopping for weeks so I’ll definitely be getting some bits from the picks below. In other…

30th July 2017

On not feeling good enough

So a bit of a different post today – normal service will resume shortly but for now I just wanted to share a couple of my thoughts around something. As you can probably tell from the title of this post it’s about when you…

29th July 2017

Our Home – The Living Room

As you may know, Adam and I recently bought a little house! It’s been a very long time coming and little by little we’re starting to make it our own. We’ve been here for just over a month now, and in that time we’ve…

4th July 2017

What went on this month #14

Howdy everyone! My God, it feels like absolutely ages since I just sat down and blogged. I’ve missed it so much, and now because I haven’t got a working laptop (I’m using Adam’s right now), it’s been made even harder which is a nightmare.…

2nd July 2017

What Went On This Week #13

OLA! Gosh it feels like forever since I’ve done one of these! I noticed they were super popular with you guys, and I wanted to keep going with it, so HERE I AM! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, so I’m going to…

21st May 2017

Let’s chat about the khaki shacket

Hi all, Just me again. So today I wanted to have a quick about these camo/khaki jacket/shackets that are making the rounds at the moment. Initially, wasn’t that keen, I must admit but after seeing them absolutely everywhere, and my good friend Megan sporting…

19th May 2017