15th April 2013

Blouse – PepaLoves*
Shorts – Topshop
Sandals – Primark
Bag – PepaLoves*
Necklace – Dorothy Perkins

Hottest day of the year yesterday meant attempting bare legs (I can’t believe I’m that person…), but it soon got windy. Despite that I managed to snap some photos that include this blouse I am obsessed with at the moment. It’s made of super soft material and fits perfectly. Of course because of the colour, it goes with most bottoms, but can be worn in or out (I tend to go for out with my Leighs). It’s super laid back… if a blouse could ever be called that!?  But year, it’s a piece I know I’ll be returning to time and again during the summer because it’s just so easy to style. I popped this beautiful necklace on underneath the collar just to jazz things up a bit, y’know.
My bag, from the same website, is a little gem. I LOVE the scalloped detail, and the fact it has two zipped compartments. Since living in London, I’ve become super paranoid about pick-pockets, so this bag is perfect. I usually use it when I’m running errands or spending the day with Isla and my friends- the size is just right.
Finally… my SHOES. I instagrammed a photo of them, but I cant stress how cute they are. I’ve been told they’re Topshop dupes so get your bums to Primark!
I’m starting week 3 interning at Company and I’m loving it. Early mornings don’t bother me when I’m enjoying where I’m going/tea is heavily featured! I hope you all have a fab Monday. πŸ™‚

OH; sorry it’s all creased. I sat down ONCE, jeez.
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