oui oui, madeleine

3rd June 2013

Dress – Mango at ASOS
Socks – Topshop
Boots – New Look
Hat – Topshop

I am  l o v i n g this weather! Okay, there is the odd breeze but besides that, its so good and I am definitely in a good mood because of it! Isla’s enjoying it too, every time I put her down she bolts towards a door or window to try and go out. She can walk quite solidly now if I hold her hand so it’s nice to take her around the garden and show her the birds and random trees, which she loves!

Onto the outfit. I wore this on Sunday when I came back from Nottingham for a very, very rare night out with my best friends, boyfriend and his lovely friends. Needless to say I was not feeling my best and I came back lipstickless after somehow misplacing my favourite lipstick; MAC’s Charmed I’m Sure from the Marilyn Monroe collection- if you know where I could get another PLEASE LET ME KNOW. haha. ANYWAY… me and tangents today! The dress! I absolutely love a drop hem waist dress, I think they’re so flattering and this particular one fits me perfectly. It was in the sale on ASOS for a mere £17.50, I literally couldn’t pass that up and the material is light and floaty which is perfect for summer. Bare in mind, it is quite loose fitting!

I wore it with a pair of my favourite frilly socks from Topshop and my boots just to give it a bit of an edge. And of course, my trusty pork pie hat! I felt like Madeleine in Paris haa, especially because of the little collar detailing which I thought was so cute, and VERY me!

This week is supposed to be glorious, so I’ll be spending it (hopefully) taking more outfit photos, job interview prepping, going on many walks with Isla and seeing my boyfriend now that he’s finally finished Uni and moved back home, HURRAH! I hope you all have a fabulous week!

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