a night in with Dominos: 4th of July

19th July 2013

As the title suggests, 4th of July has just passed recently, for all Americans, as Independence Day! For any reading, I do hope you had a fabulous day. As for my brother and I, well, we were gifted a fabulous little box of goodies from Dominos*, full of decorations and food bits, as well as some pizza! As you can see from the above photos, we both opted for Texas BBQ, as a homage to the day, with varying toppings because, we obviously like different things! And some cans of Coca Cola… I have an unhealthy obsession, but that’s between me and you!

I hope you like my excited face!


As well as pizza… my brother and I got two portions of chicken kickers with EXTRA garlic and herb dip, I’m so even ashamed! It was all so good, we may have repeated the little party a few days later, but I can’t confirm that…

All in all, it was pretty awesome; yes, awesome. I don’t often say that word, but I absolutely love Dominos, so I wasn’t expecting anything less than fab. They always have some great deals on, whatever the day (but I would advice 2 for Tuesday!), so GO GET SOME! I will apologise to you all in case this has made you hungry. Sorry (not sorry).

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