catch up: this weekend

14th July 2013


Just a little late Sunday post before the start of the week tomorrow. Hasn’t the weather been incredible?! Somewhat uncomfortable, but still… if it was raining we’d all be moaning! My weekend consisted of Wireless on Friday, where I got ridiculously poorly and had to go home (I literally cannot even begin to express my disappointment), getting Isla’s little pool out yesterday and being treated to an amazing lunch by my boyfriend today; we went to the OK Diner and I opted for the chicken burger with mushrooms and cheese. I’m sorry If you don’t like mushrooms and the above image made you feel a little ill, but it tasted SO good!

I’ve been ridiculously busy recently, hence the huge break in blogging. And I’ve just felt like it’s just been a bit of chore. It’s so cliché saying that, but it really is true! I lost my mojo but I feel so much better; now all I need is a blog redesign! I managed to get myself an amazing marketing internship and I’m absolutely loving it, everyone I work with is so lovely which makes it so much easier going into work everyday! 

Isla’s development has been incredible. Although her speech isn’t quite there yet, she’s such a clever baby. She knows exactly what you’re saying to her, dances, likes to flick through books, and today she even dribbled her little pink football in the park! She also walks like a little trooper, I can’t believe how quickly she’s been able to become so stable on her feet.

I won’t drone on too much; this week I have some fun posts lined up and I’ll be a whole lot more regular from now on! I hope you’ve all an amazing weekend!

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