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17th July 2013

Hedstrom 2-in-1 swing – Argos*

Recently, we were so, so luckily enough to be gifted this amazing 2-in-1 swing from Argos. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen how excited Isla gets when she’s on a swing; and the above picture is no different! When she saw this all made up for her in the garden, she squealed and actually tried to climb into it all on her own ha. Unfortunately she’s not there JUST yet, but at least she attempted it; clever girl!


In all honesty… we love this thing. I know that’s so typical because it was gifted to us, but seriously it’s fantastic. The rope that holds it up is incredibly thick and sturdy, ensuring the baby/child is 100% safe, with this being made even better by the straps that keep her securely fastened into the seat. There’s even a little table, but of course as it’s swinging, I can’t see it getting much use! The actual frame is steel, which put my mind at ease; I know this thing won’t collapse- I think that’d be my worst nightmare!

And the best part… It’ll keep for absolutely ages. I specifically had my eye on this one for that reason alone, because you can change the seat over when your child is ready to go on the swing without support, which is fabulous. I know I won’t have to dish out on another swing for years to come because this one’ll do perfectly for a very long time.

One thing that doesn’t bother me wholeheartedly, but was something I did notice, was the colour. It’s not such a big issue but it would have been great in pink or red… orange is a bit garish!

Other than that… I would 100% recommend this product to you. It’s a reasonable price, and completely child safe. I can’t tell you how much Isla has been on this since we received it, because it’s ridiculous how much she loves it! If you’re stuck on something to get your little one for summer, this is absolutely it!

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