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7th August 2013

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If you’ve seen the state of the top of my chest of drawers you would understand how desperately in need of a jewellery box I am. I have rings, earrings and various necklaces lying around if they’re not there, they’re bunged into a small box in one of the drawers that I received at my baby shower that held a gift for Isla; cool right? No… would be the quick and easy answer to that!

I absolutely love the above boxes I picked out from the John Lewis jewellery box section of the site, though. They’re all so different but wouldn’t look out of place in my room. I generally have a white/floral with hints of wood theme going on in my room so any would be perfect! I’ll be honest and say my absolute favourite is definitely the Mulberry… everyone LOVES a Mulberry!

With my thoughts completely hooked on looking to move out at the moment, I’m constantly looking for inspiration for the rooms of a house I may want to get and I’d love to keep going with what I already have in my room but improve it. I love the shabby chic look and I’ve already got that going, so to continue that I’d definitely be looking at the first jewellery box for my bits; it’s very reasonably priced and would look beautiful amongst the jar of flowers and frames on top of my chest of drawers.

Which is your favourite? πŸ™‚

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