12th September 2013

Top – H&M
Skirt – H&M
Bag – Primark
Hat – Topshop
Boots – So You Shoes*
Necklace – Topshop

A few weeks ago, I’d had a SUPER stressful few days; work, teething baby, topped with tiredness. Then a day at Reading with my one of my best friends unfortunately fell through and I was GUTTED. I knew Notting Hill Carnival was that same weekend, so I text one of my bests, Jessica, about it. She was going! AND she’d just moved back to London with her sister, so I was super excited to see them both.

Que, the outfit. I toyed with the idea of a simple dress from Missguided but I ended up choosing this. My local H&M didn’t have this tee in my size or a bigger size (I was thinking dress!) so I settled for the medium and found a fab little body con skirt to go with it! In hindsight, I should have worn shorts, because I can’t tell you much this skirt rode up… I was constantly pulling it up, and at one point, got sucked into a swaying (and head bopping) crowd and all of this movement made my skirt ROLL UP. It was the weirdest.

I decided to wear these fab little boots I received from So You Shoes too! I thought they really finished off the outfit and were super comfy; I wear these to work ALL the time now! Initially, I was wearing a neon beanie (I’ll tweet it this evening as these were taken before Carnival!) but I lost it :'( and my trusty pork pie was my second option. I’m so into neon at the moment, it’s so unlike me!

My feet were BURNING by the end of the night, and I got home at 1am because the trains were running strangely, but I had so much fun. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to next year, although I think I’ll wear my Vans instead! Flats, wear flats guys.

Did you go to Carnival? Or Reading even!? 🙂

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  • I hate it when skirts/dress ride up. It’s the worst! I’m glad you had fun at the carnival and your boots are really cute.


  • You look awesome Tami! I love that tee! x

  • lovely outfit! Love the skirt! x

  • Love your outfit! I’ve lived in London my whole life and have never been to Carnival! How shameful!! Haha, hopefully I’ll go next year 🙂


  • Ah i’m gutted I missed the carnival this year! Sounds like you had fun.

  • I heard so many good things about that carnival and I wish I didn’t live in the north so I could go and join in with the festivities! maybe next year:) love this outfit! xx

    ruffles and lace xx

  • Gorgeous shoes! I didn’t go to carnival but it sounds like so many people did and had a fab time! xx

  • Zoe

    Skirts like this always ride up on me, really annoying! The top looks really nice 🙂 x

  • I feel your pain with the skirt, I have a few that I’ve forever having to pull down! Love the outfit though! x

  • SUCH A BABE! Love the outfit 🙂
    Hope you’re ok m’dear xxx

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