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3rd September 2013

I never really show my room here, and I’ve had a lot of requests to do a room tour type of thing (trust me, it’s WAY too messy for a proper little look around!) But I thought I’d share snippets… of the nice bits ha!

Isla and I share a rail, for all our favourite clothes and the rest is in the chest of drawers. ONE DAY, we’ll have a spare room converted into a walk-in wardrobe, mark my words!! But for now, this will do and it’s not all that bad! I got my rail from Ebay, and I’m pretty sure it cost around £50, which for a ~shabby chic~ rail isn’t too bad! Bargain queen!

Naturally, my bed sheets are floral and covered in pillows and cushions. I think the current ones are from Tesco. They have some fab sheets at the moment, as does Primark, so go have a little look! The cushions are little bargs I bought when I was at Uni, from Matalan.

iPrintagram. What a fabulous app. I managed to get these 16 images printed, with the frame for £28.99 including postage and packaging. I absolutely love it and I this is most definitely the first thing I’d grab if my house caught on fire (second if we include Isla…). It shows an Insta of myself pregnant, Isla’s birth and her on every 25th day of the month up until her 1st birthday. I love it so, so much.

There gorgeous floral boxes sit proudly on top of chest of drawers and are from Out There Interiors*. The smallest holds all of Isla’s hair bobbles, bows and hairclips. For someone so small, she has a lot of hair and it gets in her face a lot! The second holds my most worn necklaces, earrings and rings. That’s probably quite unorganised of me, but it’s only me who sees it, so oh well!? But finally, the third holds my camera. It’s just the perfect size to store it out of site and away from Isla, who has pulled on the strap and got to it several times! They’re made of wood and the print is so lovely. I’d definitely recommend the site, they have a nicest bits!

I’ve had a hectic few weeks and as a lovely little gesture, my boyfriend bought this beautiful bouquet of flowers for me last week; what a babe! I popped them in a glass jug I bought from Sainsburys… another supermarket with beautiful homeware. My make up bag is from Primark and the little canvas was a gift from Isla for Mother’s Day! I’m planning of getting two more of us printed so I can pop them up on the wall!

If you have room tours/snippets, please link them in the comments, I’d love to see!

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  • Aw that’s so sweet of him to have bought you flowers! Also I love the iPrintagram idea, looks so cutexx

  • I love all these details but the Instagram prints frame is the best, it’s so cute and it’ll be so nice to show to Isla once she grows up 🙂 xxx

  • Lovely room! The boxes are gorgeous!

  • Beautiful pics!! How cute is that photo collage of Isla? EEEEP IT MADE ME MELT!
    Love those boxes too! They’re bloody lavly!

  • That collage is adorable oh my god!

  • I have the same bedsheets! they’re so pretty and for only £11 from primark were a right bargain too:)



  • What gorgeous things you have! I love your rail, what a bargain! I think my boyfriend and I will have to invest in something similar, we have nooooo space to store our clothes. He owns by far the most, though!


  • Zoe

    It all looks so sweet! I love the bedsheets x

  • You have some lovely details in your room! I love shabby chic – so cute that you and Isla share a rail..like mother like daughter 😉 xx


  • I love that photo set! It’s perfect, you two are perfect <3 xxxxxx

  • Aw it looks lovely! Photo set is cute! 🙂 xx



    Such cute details, love the rail x

  • your bedroom snaps look fab girl!



  • Aw the photo set is so cute 🙂 x