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27th December 2013
Hello! (this post is in collaboration with Argos)


I was recently extremely lucky enough to have to chance to collaborate with Argos and was able to have a little gander at the new iPad! Having finished my degree with a lot of focus on printed magazines, I thought this would be the ideal opportunity to get my hands on a digital copy of Glamour. I managed to find this gorgeous iPad case on eBay, but the seller doesn’t seem to have any more available otherwise I would have of course sent you all straight there, boo!


As you can imagine, being a mag pub graduate, this is all very exciting for the magazine nerd inside me! I absolutely love how interactive the issue of the magazine is, for example the above article allowed me to tap of each brush to get a little bit of information. I liked this particularly because the page wasn’t bombarding you with words, which is where I think a lot of magazines fall short… there’s only so much you can take! Another was a moving image of a model wearing various outfits, whereby you are able to slide horizontally to learn more about each.


Surprisingly Glamour wasn’t one of my favourite magazines as a student but I’m so glad that I gave a chance on the iPad, I definitely prefer it on a digital platform rather than print – something I didn’t think I’d ever say! I’m really hoping that ASOS move their magazine online, I can see it doing so well and I for one can definitely confirm it’d be a publication I wouldn’t get enough of!

Do you prefer print to digital? What magazines are you absolutely loving at the moment!?
Keep an eye out for some outfit posts next week! 😀 I’m so excited to get back on it.

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  • glamour is my favourite magazine! i love the small format and the fashion and beauty articles and editorials


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  • This is so exciting, I would be quite keen to try out a few online magazine subscriptions if I had an ipad or something similar as the screen is bigger than my phone which makes the whole reading experience so much nicer.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  • I’d definitely subscribe to my favourite magazines if I was able to view them on a tablet like the ipad! It’s only recently that I’ve really wanted one – better start saving my pennies! xo

  • Do you know what… I haven’t even got one digital magazine. I only buy company magazine now. However, I never ever have time to read magazines anymore. They just sit there and never get read!!! I know you said the ebay seller didn’t have anymore but please can you send me the link anyway incase more come in? I love your case and really need a new one!! xo