jana reinhardt

23rd February 2014

Hummingbird necklace – Jana Reinhardt*

I love a good necklace, and it’s only recently that I’ve become a lot more interested in the dainty ones again. This beautiful little hummingbird necklace is my absolute favourite at the moment and I love popping it on with a very simple outfit like a white tee, jeans and flat pumps; keeping it somewhat minimalist with my jewellery as well.

Although it’s so little, it’s just the perfect size for me, personally and I absolutely love how delicate and detailed it is; you can see from the picture how much effort the fab Jana Reinhardt put into the intricacy of the little hummingbird. I love it! I also love that the hummingbird is fixed, and can’t move around the chain… one thing that grinds on me about little necklaces is how it can often do that, but this is just ideal.

Isla is forever intrigued by the necklaces that I’m wearing, she’s such a little magpie and a couple of days ago she handled this piece and the chain split; the joys of having a 1 year old eh! Luckily it was easily fixed at a local jewellers because I was pretty gutted when that happened! It’s good as new now, though and this necklace is most definitely a contender for a very rare night out I’m having next weekend!

Are you a fan of dainty necklaces, or are statement ones more your thing?

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