5th April 2014

This year is passing by FAR too quickly and I’ve not had the time to blog as much as I’d like to. Here are a couple of snaps from recently… Isla is growing up at a ridiculous rate and I should really take more photos of her, I’m trying so hard to remember everything at the moment; working full time has its advantages but not being able to see this little bean during the day is not one of them! Her hair is so long now and every Saturday and Sunday I tend to braid her hair into two little French plaits, just because she looks so cute haha!

Now the weather is improving, I’ll try my absolute best to get back into blogging… my birthday is coming up, as well as Isla’s, Lovebox festival and a little holiday myself, Adam and Isla are going on mid-June – I can’t wait, and I’ll definitely be snapping away!

Aside from working, I’m trying to best to get fit; running and Blogilates (a God send I must admit!!) being the two main things I’m focusing on at the moment.

I hope you’re all well, and I’m so sorry I’ve been horrendous at posting! Tomorrow I’ve got a little feature going live so keep your eyes peeled!

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