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24th August 2014

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Happy Sunday!! There is a LOT of hype around A/W now the weather has taken a turn for the worse and I for one am not ready for it at all. I’m totally counting down the days until my holiday to Thailand (next June, oh GAWD *tears*), but the colours for next season are too die for and there’s only one little person I’m preparing for at the moment!


Zara is pretty much my go-to shop when it comes to baby/toddler clothes. That, and H&M but I tend to never find anything online for H&M and I would never dream of buying from there online purely because I know how awful their delivery is. I decided to be safe and stick to all Zara for this post (aside from the wellies, obvy!) but in all honesty, I don’t think I would have picked anything from anywhere else just because Zara have yet again got it spot on when it comes to kids clothing. The colours are perfect; mustards, olive greens, deep purples and reds… the tones are just, so so nice and I can’t WAIT til pay day next week so I can spoil Isla a bit. 🙂

Have you seen anything for littles that you love? Let me know!!


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