A/W Staples: The Beanie

9th November 2014








Beanie – New Look (old) | Midi dress – New Look (similar here) | Converse – Office | Necklace – Primark | Scarf – H&M (similar here) | Leather jacket – H&M

AH, the BEANIE… A really small but pretty important bit to your wardrobe this Autumn/Winter I think. I have LOADS of beanies, probably too much in fact, but I love them so much and always find a way of adding them into my outfit, which is why they’re so great. My black beanie is my absolute favourite and I carry it in my bag with me all the time, just in case it gets a little chilly! Now that it is getting colder, I tend to throw this on in the mornings and straight after work, just so I’m not frozen by the time I’ve got to my car (which takes about 290823 years to heat up by the way)!

And my necklace… OH jeez, where do I start!? It is my LUV right now, how beautiful is it!? It’s part of the Limited Edition line in Primark, so grab them whilst you can girlies!

I look so pale in these photos… That is not cool. But on the plus side, it wasn’t horrendously cold today so I opted for my favourite midi dress. Adam and I took Isla out for a little stroll which she enjoyed (you may have seen her over on my Instagram).

OH also – I posted another video today – YAY ME. If you haven’t seen it already, I’m rambling on about facts about myself >HERE.<

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Sunday (WHAT A LIBERTY IS IT THAT PAUL IS OUT (xFactor….))! (:

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  • Holly Cooke

    This is so cute Tami, you look lovely x

    • Tami

      Thank you lovely 🙂 xo

  • I absolutely love this basic beanie, it really adds something to your outfit, I wish so bad I could pull of wearing a beanie but I don’t feel I suit them sadly.

    • Tami

      Thank you!! I never thought I suited them, but perhaps the one without a bobble will? Regardless, I think you’ll definitely suit one!!! 🙂 xo