4 Happy Things

8th March 2015




I haven’t had the chance to blog in such a long time, partly because I’m always busy on the weekends (busy doing nothing with Isla and Adam, I’ll admit), but enough of the excuses… I’ve been feeling a little down recently so I thought I’d try and get a little positivity going + restart my blog – AGAIN.

1. With 33 days until Amsterdam and 83 until Thailand, I’ve got a lot of time away to look forward to; I’ve never been to either places, so the new experience will be so fun for me.

2. I was promoted for the second time at my place of work recently, and am now part of the Digital PR team! It’s a welcomed change, and I’m so, so looking forward to all the challenges that lay ahead of me in the role.

3. Adam & I are finally starting the process of looking for our perfect home. (: if you know me, you’ll know I have already bought SO many homeware bits, and I’m so pleased I did because now it’s literally just about getting the big bits of furniture.

4. Last month I joined the gym, sorted a programme with my PT and properly got on the gymming wagon. I’ve honestly thoroughly been enjoying it, have upped the weights I’ve been using and can already see a difference in my body. My colleague has mentioned a YT led yoga instructor so I think that’s next on my list. (:

I promise I’ll be back to blogging properly again, now I’ve got a list of bits I want to blog about, I’ll be sure to keep it regular again.

Have a great Sunday + International Women’s Day xoxo!


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  • Congratulations on your promotion!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  • catherine ♡

    Wow, sounds like a great week! Congratulations on being promoted! So jealous of you going to Amsterdam and Thailand too, I’d love to go one day x

  • The photo of you at the laptop viewing the webpage featuring a lovely photo of you is great!
    Congratulations on your promotion, on your organisation, and on embarking on a healthy regimen at the gym. Best wishes for safe trips and much enjoyment in Amsterdam and in Thailand.
    That photo of you with your coffee at the laptop viewing yourself on the internet is a beauty.