A/W Wishlist

3rd October 2015


aw collage12jpg

 Flats – Topshop | Striped shirt – H&M | Bag – Zara | Black jeans – Topshop | Scarf – ASOS | Jumper – ASOS | Black Boots – Office | Blue jeans – River Island | Grey heels – River Island | Checked shirt – ASOS | Beanie – Missguided | Vans – Office


I’ve been meaning to get this up for a while, but there’s always been something else to do. Finally, it’s Saturday morning so I’m able to sit down and get this written up to be posted!
With Autumn well under way (and I still need to try this Pumpkin Spiced Latte…), I thought it was only fit to start the new season with a wishlist. I say wishlist, but I’m making my way through it quite quickly, and getting it all in my wardrobe! I’m at that point where I feel like having a huge wardrobe full of things that I never wear is becoming a huge waste of space, and I only wear neutrals or block colours anyway!

I felt like it was time I got a set wardrobe for the next few months too – with saving for a house, Adam and I are really beginning to scrimp and totally pulling back from all the unnecessary treats (apart from the odd Krispy Kreme…), so I wanted something ‘capsular’!

I’m such a big fan of blacks, greys, khaki and nude, with a hint of check in there too. I definitely got those pony hair boots the other day, and the flats… those are definitely two pairs of shoes that I’ll be grabbing to wear constantly, alongside the lovely boucle knit jumper from ASOS. If you haven’t seen on my Instagram, and in real life, in fact, I’ve become OBSESSED with the striped shirt I’ve mentioned too – it’s got the comfort of a pyjama top, and I always find myself going for it when I’m struggling the find something to wear.

Have you guys got any staple pieces that you’re loving for A/W?







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  • I’m really trying to to stick to the capsule rules and it is working as I love my wardrobe at the moment and actually only struggle what to wear because I want to wear everything in it! I love the stripe shirt, I actually have it in the reverse and it’s so nice but I also like it in the one you have pictured too! and I’ve been looking at the checkered shirt from ASOS too, I really would like one for my A/W wardrobe! It also must be so exciting looking for a house, good luck with that!

  • Love the grey heels!

  • Wow I love everything especially that scarf and bag! x