Instagram Style: Comfortable

8th November 2015




Jeans – Topshop | Jumper – H&M | Beanie – Primark | Slip ons – Vans

Just another post from an outfit that I popped on Instagram yesterday. This weekend has been so chilled out. I made the decision to complete all mine and Adam’s Christmas shopping this weekend to avoid the December rush and just for the piece of mind. We had 10 people to get gifts for (apart from Isla and her gifts were bought last month) and amazingly got it all done and just for £120. We’re doing hampers this year and normally we’d get big gifts for everyone, so this was mind blowing to us! Since we’re looking to move next July, we’re scrimping as much as we can now, but wanted to do something nice for our families too. Watch this space for a little blog post about it all very soon.

Anyway, onto the outfit. I’ve been quite lazy with my clothes recently. I love nothing more than to throw on a jumper, my jeans and some really comfortable shoes – there’s something with casual wear that is my favourite! I absolutely LOVE this beanie too. It was only £3 from Primark and just so cute, the quality is just great for the price.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

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