25 Things I Want To Do In My 25th Year

16th May 2016


So – today I’ve shifted into my mid 20’s. I’m not longer in the 18-24 bracket (cry), and I’m pretty certain people will now seriously start thinking that I’ve got my shit together. With that said though, adulting is bloody hard and in my head, I still think of myself as a gangly little 18 year old on her way to finishing her very last year at school. Lo and behold though, that’s now 7 whole years ago, and I truly couldn’t tell you how quick those 7 years have passed without sounding like a granny – but my goodness, your early 20’s really do go in a flash don’t they? And no matter how many times people will tell you that, you will always refuse to believe it. I reckon it’s been heightened now after the last 4 years now though, it’s gone ridiculously quick with Isla around!

With all that said, I wanted 2016 to be an incredibly positive year, which I highlighted in my new years post. So far, so good, and to continue this positive tone I thought I’d share 25 things I wanted to do in my 25th year…

  1. Become more sassy – I’m a pretty placid person, and often I wish I wish I had more gumption.
  2. Finally put our deposit down on our house! We are finally making a dent with saving and I’m so excited for what we’ve got in store in the next few months. Sure, a tonne of stress, but I’m super proud of how well we’ve done thus far.
  3. Find a suitable speech therapist for Isla – although Isla receives treatment from specialists, the speech therapy hasn’t been as great as I’d hoped, so we’re going to try and find someone within reasonable distance to do this on a very regular basis.
  4. Read more. I’m always so busy, and finding the time for ‘me’ to just read (without falling asleep), is difficult. Please leave me your suggestions… I love anything girly, crime, or thriller!
  5. Write more. I’m not particularly eloquent when it comes to writing, and I feel like it needs improving.
  6. Give less of a damn about things that don’t concern me. I care a LOT for people, especially when they mean something to me, but often, I don’t need to be involved in a situation, and I want to learn to remove myself yet still be supportive.
  7. Improve my blog. I’ve been doing this a bladdy long time now and I’ve always always wanted to make my blog better. This is very slowly but surely happening, but even if it’s for my eyeballs, I want to make this little part of the internet as nice as possible.
  8. Improve my diet – I’ve started doing this with two of my friends. We’ve started back at the gym, going several times a week and GOD it feels good! Sore… but good.
  9. Travel more. This is going to prove hard with saving, but having lived in the UK for more than half my life now, I still don’t feel like I’ve explored it’s beauty as best as I can.
  10. Find ‘my style’ – I feel like I’m on the way to getting to this point. I’ve realised my love for neutrals, basic colour palettes and comfortable clothes…
  11. Improve myself at work – I’ve grown a LOT as a person in a professional capacity. I’d say the correct word is probably matured and the opportunities I’ve gotten this year are huge – I want to make it work, come into my own and show my skills.
  12. To not be afraid of being proud of achievements – Normally I find it a bit cringe to express my delight at something I’ve achieved. I want to change that; why should I be embarrassed about doing well!?
  13. Spend less. This is something that I’ve tried to get under control a LOT in the past, but I genuinely do think I have a spending problem… I can’t go anywhere without buying myself something and it’s so bad. That needs to change, especially since I plan on being a homeowner soon.
  14. Place less importance on my phone. Historically this has also been something I’ve struggled with. I think it’s a case of FOMO (more in another post soon), but I can’t seem to peel my phone from my hand and that needs to change.
  15. Post regular videos on my Youtube channel. I love filming new content for my channel, but the time and effort it takes to do it is insane, and it’s so hard to stay dedicated when you’re already spinning so many plates. I want to try and do one a week starting soon, and luckily I’ve got a few ideas written down already!
  16. Start playing netball again. I love the sport, but I’m so lazy, I need to get my arse into gear basically and get back into it.
  17. Learn a new skill. I’ve no idea what this could be yet, but I will keep you updated!
  18. Gain a new qualification. It’s been 4 years since I left university, and I’ve been coasting along nicely. But there’s nothing wrong with bettering yourself, and building on your knowledge, and I’d definitely like to do more of that.
  19. Stop overthinking things. I’m a girl (woman now I should probably say, ooer). I overthink everything, and I’m over sensitive. I need to learn to not take things so personally, and just trust that it will be OK.
  20. Move out! Similar to number 2, but next February is the month we HOPE to move into our very own home. I cannot wait!
  21. Improve my photography – I would love to know more around my little Olympus and invest in more lenses this year.
  22. Explore our local area and find some gems. Cambridgeshire is such a lovely little county, but I’ve never really looked further than our own city. I would love to do that and see more of what the local area has to offer.
  23. See my bloggy friends more and make more of them. There are SO many of us, and I wish I had the time to build on these more. Luckily it’s my job as well as my hobby and I would love so much to grow my friendships with the amazing ladies I interact with on a daily basis.
  24. Improve my make up skills. I’m not the greatest at doing make up, and in all honesty I tend to just wear the same look day in and day out; powder, liquid eyeliner, Velvet Teddy lipstick. I would love to try more eyeshadow looks and build my lipstick collection!
  25. Find more time for me. One thing I’ve been told a few times now is that I’m not particularly compassionate to myself. I tend to put others before me and although it might seem selfish (something I actually have a fear of), I would love to find some time to just take a break, even 5 minutes, to think about myself; in little ways like improving my skincare routine, dropping a Lush bath bomb in the bath or making myself feel pretty.


So there you have it – 25 things, and I’ll try my very best to do all of them. Adam’s taken me somewhere for my birthday (although I will know by the time this goes out), so catch me on Instagram or Snapchat (‘tmbrxo’) for updates.
Have a lovely day everyone. (:



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