We needed a break…

14th September 2016

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. With the pressures of work, having a four year old and saving for a house, it can very well get a bit too much at times, and although Adam and I always make special effort to make time for each other, we’re both so incredibly busy and it’s so difficult to just switch off and just ‘be’.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to use the money that I got for my birthday, to book an AirBNB studio apartment in the middle of the Norfolk countryside, and let me tell you – it was so, so worth it. At just £55 per night, it was based next to the owner, Helen’s gorgeous home – with everything you could possibly need.

The apartment was light, airy and full of beautiful IKEA bits – everything you would need in the kitchen and a gorgeous bedroom that over looked their amazing, amazing plot of land.


We visited the loveliest pub – The Old King’s Head, in Brockdish, and I’m honestly not lying when I say they serve the best mushroom linguine I have ever had the pleasure of tasting- it was GORGEOUS. The interior was so lovely, and the atmosphere was so chilled out. I would recommend going there if you’re into Italian food. The menu isn’t very big, but I think that’s part of the appeal – what they do have on there, they do very, very well.

We’ve said we’re absolutely going back to Diss again. We’re definitely more of a chill out couple than wild ‘n’ out and we really do cherish the quiet down time we have with each other. With no holiday booked this year because of the house, a couple of nights away, just for us, was something we needed to just catch up and relax.

You can take a look at the studio apartment we stayed in here.


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  • Looks like you had a lovely weekend! I went to Norfolk for a wedding last month and I loved it – may need to drag my boyfriend back there for another weekend away!