What went on this week #1

22nd January 2017

I really want to get into the habit of doing the same thing every week on my blog, and I remembered that Sunday Summaries used to be a thing. I thought I’d catch you up on how my week, just gone, has been and just general tidbits.


This week I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with some beautiful bloggers. My job allows me to really align my passion of blogging with what I do 9-5, and I really have missed being able to sit down and just chat to like-minded, sassy women. It really makes you realise that this industry is so amazing for making good friends, because you love doing the same thing – creating fab work online for your audience to read. Snogs to you all.



I spent Monday night in London, ready for a super early morning with ProActiv+ at Duck & Waffle, where I learnt all about skin with Dr Laura Savage and what state mine was in. Side note: The food was inCREDIBLE, and going up to the 40th floor was a friggin’ dream – London is beautiful at 7 in the morning from that high up.

The last few months has really not been to kind to my skin and I’ve made such a conscious effort to try and make it better; sleep, drinking gallons of water etc, but it turns out it could all just be hormonal – typical. Hearing what I need to do from a proper dermatologist was so interesting & I’ve now got a plan in place to improve the quality of my skin. I’ve been challenged to a 6 month skin recharge, so be sure to check back monthly for updates.

It’s difficult, talking about skin, because it’s so subjective. I understand that everyone’s opinion on their own skin is so varied, and what might seem bad to you, might not even be a drop in the ocean for someone else. That’s the beauty about this, though – I get to hopefully see my skin transform, because it’s not something I’m particularly confident about!


My week’s been MANIC, travelling to and from London has left me exhausted so my blog has suffered a little. Fear not, though because this is the final post for this week (read the first here), and we’re back into the swing of things. I have a habit of letting it bottle neck, post wise, so I’m doing my best (through the exhaustion) to make sure I’ve got my regular stream of posts going out week by week.


My Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feed is currently rammed with images, quotes, and signs about the Women’s March, ACROSS THE GLOBE, right now. It’s honestly given me chills how amazing we are, but I wish the news would back off and stop stating that it’s against Donald Trump. Despite that, it makes me so proud to know that we’re all after the same thing – equality, and makes me feel a lot more inspired and motivated to give Isla the best in life; having her understand that she can do whatever she wants, how she wants and when she wants is all I ask, and that goes for any other children that Adam and I may have in the future. Your gender should not define the quality of your work, it should not define whether you’re capable of doing or saying things, and my God, you were not asking for it.


Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

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