What Went On This Week #4

19th February 2017

HAPPY SUNDAY! I’m back with a little update on how this week’s gone. A pretty busy one, but that’s how I like it.

Of course, it was the ‘day of love’ on Tuesday. I spent it at work, but got the loveliest card from Adam and my first ever Galentine’s Day card from one of my best friends! As usual, Adam was a little different and got me balloons shaped as flower – cuuute. We normally celebrate our anniversary and Valentine’s Day on the weekend in between so my two best friends and I went for a fabulous pizza in the evening.

With a random day off on Wednesday, I took advantage of it and tried to get ahead with my blogging. I managed to shoot 6 outfits (shout out to my brother for the help – I paid him in KFC xoxo), so I’ve got a bit of content for the next few weeks. I cannot WAIT to show you the looks, I love each and every one of them. Speaking of blogging – there a lot of new posts up from, including one where I have no make up on (see picture below), and now that I’ve shared my bare face online, I FEEL SO LIBERATED. Take my freckles, people!

You may have seen me talking about this, obsessively, over on Twitter and Instagram over the last few weeks. I’m literally sat here watching the season 6 finale, and my heart just cannot take the stress! Yay for still having 7 seasons to watch amirite???

It finally felt like Spring on Thursday, didn’t it!? I’m so over the bitter chill of Winter, and yesterday was actually the first time in AGES that there still light lingering in the air right up until 6pm. It felt good! I am definitely more of a summer girl, so layers can happily piss off soon, thanks!

Adam and I are off to do something super exciting today, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! Have a lovely Sunday, everyone x

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  • Valentines balloons in the shape of flowers! That is too adorable! Looking forward to seeing all your lovely outfit posts! x

    • Isn’t he the cutest! Haha 🙂 Thanks my love! xx