What went on this week #5

26th February 2017

Damn. Another week down, guys! These come around far quicker than I expect them to, but I won’t lie, this last week has DRAGGED. I’m currently sipping on a cup of tea while Isla munches on her Nesquick cereal and sips a glass of milk (the cereal HAS to be dry ofc), and I’m figuring out the logistics of the day – do I cram in a few episodes of Grey’s or do I bang out a few blog posts, wash my hair and hoover our rooms? Hm. (I chose the former. just fyi…)

Anyway – onto the update:

We’ve had a really difficult week with sleep. Isla’s been waking up at 4am most mornings and just won’t go back to sleep, meaning an overtired 4 year old come bedtime. It’s not worth a nap either, because it means sleep is pushed back ’til as late as midnight, so I’m not sure if she’s just growing or half term’s got her all confused. I’m hoping getting back into the school routine will get her into the swing of things again. I’m going to do another update on Isla and how she is next week, so keep an eye out.

Bloody’ell – she was NOT happy was she!?

My skin has not been great this week, but I’ll go into detail in my next Skin Diaries post (check out the first one here though, if you haven’t already). I’m going to go ahead and say my skin does NOT like liquid foundation or Nutella, and as you can imagine, I’m pretty upset about the latter…

Adam and I took Isla swimming yesterday! We let her walk down the stairs into the pool rather than get carried in, because she normally gets really bad anxiety about not being able to feel the floor with her feet. I’d have to say it was the best little swim session we’ve had, with Isla splashing her toys into the pool, and making a game out of it where we were all involved – something that we’ve needed to do a lot more of for her social interaction skills. She even tiptoed to the middle of the pool, which was great, so we’re going to go a lot more to get her feeling a little more confident in the water.

Lastly, on Friday we went for dinner and drinks at our friends’ house. Paella, passion fruit mousse, Prosecco and Passoa cocktails were on the menu as well as Cards Against Humanity (brutal, might I add), and it was just a fab little night. It just goes to show, you don’t always have to go out to have fun, home comforts and good people are just as entertaining!

I thought I’d end today’s post with a little round up of four bloggers and posts of their’s that I’ve really enjoyed this week:
HANNAH – Just read this post, OK? Just read it.
HOLLY – That red vintage coat is EVERYTHING.
SOPHIE – All the posts, all the flat lays. Just, yes.
HANNAH – How BEAUT is the light weight coat? Love.


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