What Went On This Week #8

19th March 2017

Apologies for the fact that there were not posts this week. It’s been super busy, and in all honesty, I needed a little break! But I wanted to continue with my Sunday updates, since I know you’re all quite interested in hearing how my week went!

I have been exhausted the last few days, doing a million and one things all at once has finally caught up with me, so I took this morning to just chill, before I sat down to write this. I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself to spin more plates than usual and I crashed this week! I NEED A GOOD HOLIDAY YOU GUYS, I really, really do. Or just a good sleep!

There isn’t much to say here apart from everyone needs the super soft ‘WEEKEND VIBES’ sweatshirt pictured at the top. It is £5. GO GET IT. I want it to be the weekend all the time! ):

This time last Sunday, we were in the car, listening to My Dad Wrote A Porno (thoroughly recommend, it is ridiculous and hilarious), eating Percy Pigs and journeying down to Chichester for our friends Emily and Paul’s wedding. We ate a LOT, had many cocktails, and wandered around the pretty city beforehand, and it was so nice to just spend some time with our friends! I really do wish we all lived closer together, because they’re all amazing – SOP SOP SOP.

Emily looked beautiful and it was all so lovely in general! Congratulations, you guys. <3

Yesterday, my best friends and I popped over to Scarlett London’s event, BlogCon! I spoke about my job as a PR and working as a blogger, and how I utilised the two and working on both sides of the fence. It went really well, and I am so up for another talk – I feel like it gave a little bit more confidence in myself, so I’m really pleased I pushed myself to do it!

Isla’s not had a very good week at school, and has really struggled with sleep – I think it was just ‘one of those weeks’ because she seems a lot better today, and is being really well behaved! I am planning on writing a little update post on my little babe soon, so keep a little eye out!


BAG – H&M (similar here)




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  • Ah I’m gutted I missed BLOGCONLDN, i saw it all over twitter and it looked amazing! Glad to hear your talk went well xx

  • Megan Salter

    Saturday was so fun! You did such a great job at your talk 🙂 x