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25th April 2017

The last couple of months have been hectic.
Everything I do generally revolves around Isla, or work, or family. As great, and rewarding as that is, there are often times where I feel like I just need half an hour to myself. Where I’m not thinking about anything.

I tend to go to the gym when I feel like this. I was telling Megs about this actually – where I just stick my headphones on, forget that there’s anyone else around and just train. It’s nice. I don’t worry about much else in that hour, and I like to take my time.

With that being said, it leaves my body sore, and aching, and I don’t really feel ‘at peace’ with myself. I don’t feel as ‘pulled apart’ as I’d like to. I needed something that hit the spot but I just wasn’t sure what that was yet. A few weeks ago, Proactiv+ invited myself and some other fab ladies to an afternoon of healthy food at Move Your Frame and Yin Yoga.

The practice of stretching, without exhausting yourself. Slow paced, and un-rushed – Yin Yoga allows you to relax, and move gently.

I’ve always wanted to try yoga, but knowing just how inflexible I was totally put me off. I’ve tried Yoga with Adrienne and just couldn’t get into it; it felt forced, and my form was awful. What was great with Yin Yoga was that it was mainly just on the mat; soft, subtle movements, focusing on your breathing, and the deep slow stretching that your skin and your muscles allow you to do from that.

And that was just the gist of it. Your skin is so important – it’s your biggest organ and it is INCREDIBLE the way it can be manipulated, pulled, pushed, stretched to accompany the way your body and your muscles move. It’s your protection, the outer layer that you need to look after, whether that be on your face or anywhere else.

I felt utterly relaxed, and un-knotted. And I rarely feel like that. I’ve definitely felt like a twenty five year old in a fifty year old’s body recently, but this helped, truly.
Yes... I am not flexible in any way, shape or form, but the deep inhalations and exhalations helped massively for this.
Yes… My form wasn’t great – but being in a class meant the teacher could adjust my body, even when it was uncomfortable; at least I knew it was right because I had a professional right there.

I loved it. And needless to say, although my local gym doesn’t offer Yin Yoga classes, I booked myself straight on to the next yoga class available. It would be tough, but I was willing to take on the challenge – even on my own in something I’d never done before. And again – I loved it.

And now? I go to an hour long yoga class, once a week. Maybe twice if I feel like I really need it. But I always come out fully stretched out and with a totally different perspective on the things I was worrying about before, and I can focus on what I need to do rather than fuss on the negative. I make time for me now, and everything and everyone around me is grateful for that.

If you’re near a class that does Yin Yoga specifically, go try it. Honestly it will change your view on yoga entirely. And if you’ve not tried yoga? Just give it a go – I’ve only been going for a few weeks, and my flexibility has already improved. This might be the start of an incredibly fulfilling journey for you – there is nothing wrong with taking care of your biggest organ and the one that makes you feel like a functioning human too.

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This post is a sponsored post in collaboration with ProActiv+ but of course, all views are my own.



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