My Current Go-To Outfit #3

12th April 2017

Happy Wednesday guys!
On the little hump again, and I’m particularly happy because it’s so very nearly a 4 day weekend! EASTER! MINI EGGS! SLEEP!

Anyway, onto the outfit. I’ve got a confession to make… I have a problem. With stripy shirts and t-shirts, in general, I think. Seriously, the collection is getting a little crazy now, and I’m trying so very hard to rein it in a little bit…

So with that being said, I’ve got to say this is definitely my favourite one of all. I love how loose fitting it is, the fact that the sleeves are just below the elbows and the lovely low cut front – perfect for a warmer Spring day, like how Saturday was, and I cannot WAIT to pair it with a little pair of denim shorts and these converse in the Summer! It’s so casual and simple, and I am all about casual and simple- I hate having to think about what I wear.

I was actually in such a rush last Friday, so I just chucked this on, knowing I wanted to feel comfortable, and thought the red was just the perfect pop of colour the outfit needed, as well as my favourite little wrist accessory. It matched the bag strap perfectly, so how could I not include it (I wear it everyday, guys, look at it <3)?
Et voila. Le outfit.

I wanted to ask, are you guys enjoying these go-to looks? They are literally just the looks I tend to normally throw on without thought, so if you’ve got any suggestions on what you’d like to see, let me know!

I should really get to bed – I’ve said this several times this week, but damn the gym makes you sleepy! I really am pushing myself too, and my GOD my legs and bum ache (getting dat booty)!

SHIRT – Zara (similar here)
JEANS – Topshop
BAG – Zara (similar here)
WATCH – Daniel Wellington (for 15% off, use the code ‘TAMIBEE’)

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  • Megan Salter

    Love this look and the pop of colour with the bag! x