What Went On Last Week #9/#10

9th April 2017

A late one, because I’ve been so terrible – sorry guys. I thought I’d include an update on how the week before last went too, since I didn’t get a post up then either! I’m sitting in bed trying not to rest my phone on my legs, it’s just so warm!?! Here we go:

On the Tuesday before last I ventured down to London with Label PR and Proactiv + for a little Yin Yoga session (more on that in another post), but my goodness did I have a little nightmare beforehand! I actually forgot it was a yoga session and left home without my gym bits, so cue me running around King’s Cross and St Pancras trying to find leggings and a t-shirt… turns out Move Your Frame had cute bits for sale so I ended up parting with more cash than I intended (all returned now, thankfully!). BUT YEAH, it was fun!

Last week it was World Autism Awareness Week, and you may have seen me posting a lot about Isla on my Instagram. I don’t speak much about her journey, as I’ve already said over there, but I will be sharing a lot more about it all on here. I’m not great at words so it’s a bit of a struggle for me to figure out where to start!

I’ve had such a nightmare trying to get into blogging again. Once I get out of a routine I struggle to get back into it! So I’m super sorry I’ve been crap. I’m going to write another three month plan for blogging and see where we get up to!

Guys. I went and got the Topshop blouse everyone’s talking about (and I’ve subsequently been featured on The Sun in an article, lols.). I’ll be sharing more about this soon though because I want to pop it in a style post!

I’ve finally rejoined my old gym, with more facilities, thank goodness. On Saturday I actually took the plunge and went to a yoga class. I was so anxious about it, but once I got into it (the instructor was really lovely!), it was super fun. I’m SO achey from it now, but I really enjoyed it and will definitely be going back next week!

How FAB was this weekend’s weather? Let’s be honest, it won’t last but Isla and I soaked it all up and took a little trip to the local park to burn some energy! She definitely prefers the cold, and gets really stressed because she can’t gauge her own body temperature very well, but she’s been a very happy little bee today.

Yeah… I’ve really given up with the thing. It won’t update, won’t back anything up without getting rid of all my photos. I cannot WAIT to get a new phone with MUCH better memory next month, ahhhh.

SO there we are… it’s been pretty standard, nothing else to report, though there will be loads soon¬†– PROMISE! If you’ve some good blog recommendations, please send them my way, I need new blogs to binge read!


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  • Its been a gorgeous weekend! Well done on going to your first yoga class, they can be a bit intimidating! x

    • Thank you! It definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and now I love it! I’m writing a post about it actually! xx