What Went On This Week #11

16th April 2017

FOUR DAY WEEK GUYS, and four days off – What a time to be alive! HAPPY EASTER!
I’m actually being a lot more organised this week and this SHOULD go out in the morning (high 5 to me if it happens)! As usual I can’t say much has happened but let’s dive straight into it shall we?

You may have seen over on my Twitter that I mentioned my TV series escapades. I’m WILD, I know! I recently (and FINALLY) caught up with Grey’s Anatomy, and I’ve got to say, I miss binge watching it! With that being said, I’ve used this week to catch up on Suits as well as start and complete the first season of Riverdale, so I am ALL ready for PLL – bring it on! I started Bates Motel on my friends’ recommendation last night too, and it’s pretty weird, so lets see what happens…

I full on threw myself into the gym this week and exercised every day this week, bar Friday. I totally forgot how much I loved just sticking my headphones on and just doing a bit of weight training, and I’m eating loads better and already feeling good for it.

Oh my GAWD, so many new bits that I’m dying to show you!!!!! I thought about perhaps doing a little Spring haul on Youtube? Or just styling each piece on the blog – either way, let me know if you’d prefer one and I will do that! Oh man, I love clothes.

I have had the week from HELL with technology you guys. Honestly, what a nightmare! My phone decided to crash when I really needed it and I lost all my photos (which were backed up on iCloud, though, thankfully), but luckily Adam came to my rescue to fix it, but I am SO looking forward to upgrading next month! I’m thinking the iPhone 7 Plus, so if you’ve had any experience with it, positive or negative, let me know! I’m honestly a little afraid to drive now, in case I touch something and it breaks!

I FINALLY got to 5000 followers on Instagram this week!! It last about 3 days, until it slowed down again and now I’m just under, ffs. Yay to that bloody algorithm, eh.

I really fell off the wagon trying to be organised with my blog at the end of March. So on Friday I gathered my coloured pens and weekly planner, and I jotted exactly what I wanted to post, how and when, for the next 3 months. My neck ached so bad afterwards, but I feel a lot better knowing the direction I’m going with my little corner of the internet!

As you may have noticed, I tend to try and share something different each week. So here goes…

My Blogger of the Week: Alice Catherine. Oh man, what a babe? Sharing French and vintage inspired style, Alice has looks that are to die for and I’ve really spent this week sifting through post upon post reading about her style inspirations and the set up of each outfit. Y’know when someone is just effortlessly cool? That is Alice Catherine. Go have a ponder!

Don’t forget to check out my latest style post here. There will be another next week! 

Have a lovely Easter Sunday and Monday everyone!

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