What Went On This Week #12

23rd April 2017

Afternoon all!
This post is, again, a little later than usual, and Isla and I are currently watching an incessant amount of Show Me Show Me, whilst I attempt to eat the leftover Easter chocolate (I’ll explain why ‘attempt’ shortly).

I’ve got to say it’s been a pretty quiet week, but I’ll update you nonetheless because it seems like you all enjoy these Sunday posts!

Guys. I’m obsessed. There’s a huge group of us at work who have started watching it, and it’s so good! If you’ve ever watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, you’ll enjoy this as it’s the prequel to Norman Bates’ life – it’s good. Totally recommend. I need to binge watch, because there are only 10 episodes per season and they’re not too long either!

Isla had a really bad night on Friday, and as a result meant that she’d been up ALL day Saturday. Isla with no sleep is not great and there was a lot of screaming (sleep during the day means no sleep at night, and so the cycle continues y’see) – I’ve got to say I don’t always mind, because you’ve got to roll with the punches, but yesterday was really testing. I’m going to be doing a post on mental health and my experience with postpartum depression soon, so keep an eye out.

Adam and I went to Wagamamas for dinner last night after he took a couple of outfit photos for me (good egg!). I can never veer away from my absolute favourite Yaki Soba because it’s always just SO good! But we’ve promised each other we’ll try the ramen next time, just to see what it’s like!

So guys. I’ve started going to the gym in the morning before work to make my day a little more efficient. However, I keep having this problem. I’ll eat a quick banana and after training, I get VERY poorly (vommy). I have no idea how to stop it – if you have any VERY quick breakfast suggestions, please let me know because it’s actually so off putting!

Isla’a Easter holidays have come to an end and time with my little cherub is over until the summer, boo!

I have definitely done something to the left side of my jaw. Adam made an amaaaazing breakfast this morning and two bites before I cleared my plate, it clicked and oh MAN I’ve been in agony, I literally couldn’t finish a banana earlier because my mouth couldn’t open enough. I’ve no idea what it is, but I’ve got booked in to see the dentist (AKA, dad) to see what the deal is. OH AND GET A WISDOM TOOTH OUT. Ffs.

I’ll go into this a little more in a Youtube video but I got a handful of pretty pieces for Spring/Summer this week – Oh man, seriously this shopping has to STOP though!

This absolutely gorgeous pom pom basket bag from Zara  – everyone and their cat has this, but it’s cheap, perfect for the warmer months and so affordable.

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE! I’m off to finish my tea and chocolate (if it’s melted enough for my poor mouth).

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