Let’s chat about the khaki shacket

19th May 2017

Hi all,

Just me again.
So today I wanted to have a quick about these camo/khaki jacket/shackets that are making the rounds at the moment. Initially, wasn’t that keen, I must admit but after seeing them absolutely everywhere, and my good friend Megan sporting hers in the office on Casual Fridays, they started to grow on me.

Thing is, I just couldn’t part with £40-£50 on a green jacket. Yes, they will be popular for years to come, but damn, I’m not made of money and I’d rather spend that on a good pair of jeans you know? So when I went to London last weekend, I was PLEASANTLY (and yes, it absolutely deserves to be in capitals) surprised when I found a hoard of various camo/khaki style shackets in the Marble Arch Primark. £14 you guys. FOURTEEN BRITISH POUNDS. I’d hit the mother-load, and as you can imagine, I grabbed every variation I could find and tried to locate a quiet (lol) mirror to pick which one I preferred.

As you can see I went with the plain version, purely because I wanted it to last, and figured that although the camo jacket with the floral embroidery would look super cute this year, it wouldn’t be something I’d choose to wear over and over.

What’s great about the Primark shacket is that is actually is great quality. It’s thick, sturdy and keeps me warm enough. Particularly with this look, when it was a little nippy when we were exploring London, I felt cosy in this!

SO yes – despite this being a DIRT cheap alternative to the Topshop number, it is such a lovely jacket, and there are so many options for you to choose from. I’ve popped a couple below for your pleasure, oi oi.

By the way – I absolutely LOVE this outfit, and even though walking meant my feet were absolutely ripped apart by my Converse, this look is so damn cute and I cannot wait to wear it more once this damn rain stops!



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  • Holly Cooke

    So so gorgeous Tami, you look lovely! x