What Went On This Week #13

21st May 2017

Gosh it feels like forever since I’ve done one of these! I noticed they were super popular with you guys, and I wanted to keep going with it, so HERE I AM!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, so I’m going to update you a little further back than a week.

Such a must-see! Baby Groot is the cutest thing ever, and the soundtrack is brilliant – I’m still listening to it over and over (as well as Harry Styles’ new album).

I ventured down to London last weekend for a gorgeous dinner with the girls at LabelPR and Proactiv+. If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while you’ll know that I’ve been using their products every single day for the past few months (and have seen incredible results – but more on this later), so we popped along to Bob Bob Ricard for an INSANE dinner and a lot of champagne! I had the most beautiful lobster macaroni cheese as a main, and I honestly think it was the best thing that I’ve ever eaten? SO YUMMY.

I also got the chance to explore the city a little more, and popped¬†into Primark and found some absolute bargains, and ate the yummiest pancakes with Adam in My Old Dutch. I love London, and don’t ever really make the effort to go down, which is such a shame since it’s so close!

So if you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, you can find me here), you’ll have noticed that I’m trying to use Insta-Stories a little more! Its a lot easier to chat on there than I thought, and I’m really enjoying ‘micro vlogging’ on there, so definitely let me know if there are any other bits you’d like to see me do!

On Tuesday, I turned 26! It’s been such a crazy year, and I can’t say I’m happy about being a year older, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a good 365 days! I got a ridiculous amount of flowers, ate a LOT of Thai food on various days, and got some fabulous little gifts from everyone close to me, so I feel very grateful to be surrounded by such fabulous people!

I’ve been doing a lot of Spring/Summer clothes shopping recently! WHOOPS. It’s my favourite time of the year, so I am thinking of just biting the bullet and doing a little haul on my Youtube channel!

OH gosh, there is so much that I want to tell you about, but I’m going to keep you all in suspense, but there are so many new and exciting things happening for me, including with my blog!

Don’t forget to have a little read of my latest style post! Happy Sunday!


I’ve been loving these little bags for S/S! My absolute favourite has to be this one though – beaut!

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