Our Home – The Living Room

4th July 2017

As you may know, Adam and I recently bought a little house! It’s been a very long time coming and little by little we’re starting to make it our own.
We’ve been here for just over a month now, and in that time we’ve painted the living, our room, the office and the downstairs bathroom, which I’m pretty sure I’ve whinged about a lot before because it was a horrible canary yellow to begin with.

I wanted to share some snippets with you, firstly, of our living room – which is yet to be finished because we’ve been waiting nearly 5 weeks for our sofa to arrive! All three of us are currently wedged on a little velour silvery grey two seater sofa kindly given to us by my parents and let me tell you, it’s a squeeze – LEGS EVERYWHERE, especially when you’re trying to relax! We have a beautiful grey corner sofa making our way to us, within the next month and I cannot WAIT; I’m sure you’ll be seeing it all over Instagram, since that’s where I will be the majority of the time!

I’ve been asked about these little coffee tables so much, and my little rug, and it was actually from Wayfair! Get this – the tables… they’re from Lidl. I’m pretty certain they were only £39.99, but they were such a bargain, and as you can see, you’re able to store bits underneath, which is so useful (you can find a similar one here). This is such a cute little focal point in the middle of the room, and although I’ve moved the cards now, I loved having them there, along with the photo of my best friends and our little leather coasters! CUTE.
On the opposite side of the room, I brought the Kallax shelves from my old room, to use as a little ‘side-board’ alternative, and for shoe storage (I have a LOT of shoes you guys). It’s pretty empty on top right now, but I’m planning to use the wall behind it as a gallery wall, so I’ve got to pick a couple of cute prints to go up there! Our massive floor lamp is from The Range, and I believe it’s available in white and rose gold too! I feel like it sits perfectly in the corner of the room above our little plant (who is from Sainsbury’s – their plant pots are SO adorable and are only £7 you guys!)!

Of course we needed a little nook to store all of Isla’s toys (and trust me, now her birthday’s been and gone, this little area is OVERLOADED with puzzles and numbers!), and I spotted this little laundry bag in Ikea for something silly like £4 – I think I’ll be picking another up soon to pop on the other side so her bits are are still on show, but neatly… at the end of every day haha! Trust me, our living room is never this clean! There are magnetic fridge numbers scattered all over most of the time!

Eventually we’d like to add shelves above Isla’s toys, but we’re struggling to come up with what we want – I like the idea of a print on one side and two smaller shelves on the other, but I’m not sure if it’d look messy? We were going to get two long shelves, initially, but the space was just a bit too big. One thing I do know, though, is that our Christmas tree will look so perfect there – I already can’t wait to decorate it!

This space is very minimal, and we like it that way. I can’t deal with clutter at all, so the fact that we haven’t got much in this space is absolutely perfect to me. I can’t wait to put all our photos up though, it will really feel like our home then – at the moment the walls are a bit bare!

I’m going to be doing a homeware haul at some stage, so make sure you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel so you know when it’s up (although, let’s be honest, I’ll be shouting about it somewhere around the Internet!)

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  • We’ve got those Lidl tables too and they are so gorgeous aren’t they! We’re storing our blankets in there 🙂 xxx


  • Caz

    Your living room is so nice – I can’t believe those tables are from Lidl!

    Caz | thisiscaz.com

  • Gorgeous pictures, I love the coffee tables! Can’t believe they’re from Lidl! x