Pay Day Picks

30th July 2017

Ola chaps and chapettes, IT’S PAY DAY TOMORROW! You don’t understand how excited I am to be able to grab some items from the shops. I’ve been dyyyying to go shopping for weeks so I’ll definitely be getting some bits from the picks below.

In other news, I really hope you liked yesterday’s post – it was a little different and very personal for me. I won’t lie, it was very difficult to write, I kept bursting into tears and Adam was sitting there like, ARE YOU OKAY, WHATS HAPPENED haha. I feel better for sharing it though, so that’s good.

I also can’t friggen walk – I went to the gym last week and have been limping everywhere ever since, to the point where I’m waking up several times during the night because I’m just so uncomfortable, which has never happened before. I think I went in a bit too hard… so I’ll be trying to go a little less mad with the weights from now on!

So here we go, take a little look at my favourite pieces for your July pay packet – as you can tell I’ve gone for very summery pieces (bar the ‘Funday’ jumper), because I am just not ready for the warm to leave just yet and my holiday is in September so I can afford to prolong it just a little bit! With that said, though, there are some SUPER cute autumnal pieces cropping up on ASOS already, so have a little peruse!

Happy Sunday!

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