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21st August 2017

It’s been quite a few months since I did an skin update (more on that in a few weeks), I figured it would be nice to chat to you about my favourite skin and beauty products that I’ve been loving recently.

Let’s get one thing straight though – I am absolutely, in no way a beauty expert, but I am most definitely a fan of beauty. At the moment I’m really enjoying a very minimal look, mainly because I haven’t had the time to put a lot of effort into my make up every morning!

On the weekends, I still enjoy popping on my favourite liquid liner and Velvet Teddy lipstick – it’s weird because I actually feel a lot more like myself when I’ve specifically got those two bits of make up on my face?! Lipstick makes me feel put together and sassy, and like I can take on anything, which I love – it’s definitely something I should make more effort to wear during the week, because who doesn’t want to be a boss bitch at work?!

With that being said though, my first product is actually a lip product, and something that saved me when I got a huge rash on my lips. Let me set the scene; I’ve been using Carmex products for as long as I can remember, I think must be when I moved to Uni, I’d grown out of using Vaseline every 5 minutes and moved onto Carmex and I’ve never ever had any problems… UNTIL I used the mint flavoured tube a couple of weeks ago and my lips totally swelled up and a horrible crusty (mm) rash formed all over my lips.

Needless to say I went straight to a shop and grabbed some Blistex lip moisturiser, and I really haven’t had any problems since. Soz Carmex, but you’re well and truly replaced. I think some people just aren’t made for snazzy flavoured products, and my lips were obviously just one of them. Blistex is plain, but does the job and keeps my lips soft and hydrated throughout the day.

Remember when I started my skin clear up journey a couple of months ago? Since then I’ve religiously been using Proactiv+ products on my skin; the three step system, the under eye serum, and even the damn soap to fight those pesky back and chest spots (I find that they come up a LOT more when I start gymming regularly, which is super annoying), and I’ve found it to be so helpful. With that being said, I have to say that my favourite product out of the whole range has to be the re-texturising toner, without doubt. I’ve raved and raved about this toner for as long as I’ve been using the damn stuff, and it really is amazing.

My skin feels so much cleaner once I’ve run a pad full of this over my skin. It clears my pores beautifully, and my skin has felt a lot smoother since using this daily. It’s extremely gentle while doing its job perfectly, and Adam’s even tried it and loves it, so there’s that guys and gals!

It’s been a favourite of mine since day one of my using the brand, and I don’t think I’ll be going back to any other now. I’ve tried many, but I’ve never had rash break outs with the Proactiv+ toner, so I’m counting that as a win.

I suffer with pretty bad dark circles under my eyes now that I’m getting up at silly hours in the morning with Isla, and since it’s been going on for 5 years now, it’s definitely got worse. I try to cover up as much as possible with concealer, and I have to say the only one I now trust to do the job is the Tarte  Shape Tape concealer! I currently use Medium, and it’s such a thick formula, but not one that goes on cake or breaks up on my under eyes.

It’s actually marketed as a contour concealer but HEY, I have circles to hide and this baby does the job perfectly! (Have a little peek on QVC, where they tend to sell it, in amongst all the other beautiful Tarte products!)

So… a couple of months ago, after Jess’ recommendation on Insta-Stories, I finally took the plunge and purchased the IT Cosmetics CC cream. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

I’m NOT a liquid foundation girl at all. I love a matte finish and my MAC skin finish natural powder does the job perfectly for me. However, I love the semi-matte finish this CC cream gives me, the colour is spot on for my skin tone and I can absolutely confirm that it really, truly does not feel like you are wearing anything on your skin. It’s full coverage, but I find that it’s very builldable, so I like to use just a little all over my face – just for the freckles to come through a bit!

RIGHT GUYS – let me know if you’ve tried any of the products I’ve mentioned above, or if you’re planning on it, and let me know what your favourite products are right now.


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  • Megan Salter

    I really want to try the it cosmetics CC cream! Might have to grab some! x

  • All four of these products are currently on my ‘want to try’ list! Particularly the IT CC cream and blistex lip moisturiser – my carmex (also a long-term fan) just isn’t cutting it anymore 🙁 xxx

    • you are gonna LOVE the CC cream, it’s so so amazing!