The Skin Diaries: Month 3-6

26th August 2017

I’m aware I haven’t done a skin update for your guys for quite some time. I’m not going to bore you with why, because you know why, and I’d just quite like to crack on!

I’m going to go with a different format here and chat you through the last couple of months of my using my Proactiv+ products.

(For reference, I am literally wearing mascara and eyebrow pomade in this photo – NO base! I did not edit this either! Yes, I have a freckly mole thing on my lip haha!)


My skin started to look incredible. This was my birthday month, and the month I popped down to London for the dinner that I mentioned previously, with the Proactiv+ gals, at Bob Bob Ricard. My skin cleared up beautifully, and I was using the three step products religiously, as well as the wipes to ensure I got everything off my skin, everyday, regardless of what I was doing.

My skin was glowy and the Pore Targeting Treatment was the PERFECT base for my make up. If you’ve read my Favourite July Products, you’ll know that I raved about the IT cosmetics CC cream and my absolute favourite MAC Skin Finish Natural powder, and honestly, it sits so nicely on top of the PTT.

I wasn’t overly stressed, I was drinking a lot of water, and I was getting a decent amount of sleep to ensure that my skin wasn’t being affected very much. There were times where I’d forget to wash my make up brushes (I need to get into the habit of doing this more to be honest), or I wouldn’t change my face cloth weekly and my skin would detect that immediately and a little yellow spot would arrive, but the exfoliating helped massively for this.


Ah, yes. June. I have to say that I started to run out of my products at this point (namely my face wipes and exfoliator, boohoo), meaning I was very bad and started washing my face with just water (but still using the Re-Texturising Toner twice a day). We’d just moved in to our new house too, so every routine that I’d built up living at my parents’ was thrown to the left of me, and I needed to get myself on track again.

I started drinking a lot less water, and that really did affect my skin. I started to look a lot more tired, and although my skin behaved itself for quite a while, I knew that my routine was just off. I hadn’t been on my period for a good few months by this point too, so my whole body was just a mess (not pregnant, just that jolly little pin in my arm, yay!)!

Towards the end of June, I ran out of the toner, and only relied on the last step in the the step regime to make sure my skin was looking OK (the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator, if anyone’s wondering).

Despite being AWFUL with this, I have to say I didn’t see considerable deterioration in the quality of my skin, only that it was looking a little less full of colour, and you could tell that I wasn’t looking after it as well as I should have been.



We’ve been in the house for over a month now, and I’ve started a new job. I’m settling in well and I’m not as stressed as I was in June, and I think my skin appreciates that! That, and I’ve made more of a conscious effort with my diet – at the moment it involves a lot of vegetables, brown rice and tonnes of fruit to ensure I’m being as good as possible for our holiday in September.

I finally got a new batch of products (I let out a very big squeal when they arrived, all down to excitement), and I’ve been back on it with the three step regime, making use of all the new products I’ve been introduced to as well.

I’ve stopped using the exfoliating brush, which is a huge shame (REMINDER: GET BATTERIES), because I really did find that it cleaned my face properly, and allowed for clean base for the products to sit on.

With that being said, I’ve trialled a couple of the new products, and I’m absolutely loving the Redness Relief Serum. The skin around my nose and top lip gets particularly irritated once I’ve used the first couple of products, and this product is one you’re able to leave in the fridge to act as a hydrator and offer you relief in the way of cooling your skin on contact, which is an absolute life saver for me!

I’VE FINALLY COME ON TOO, WHEY. I really was getting worried, but this has also meant that my skin is feeling the hormonal after effects… a little (or big) under-the-skin spot has appeared on my nose, and a yellow tipped spot has also appeared just underneath my nose (my nose is not having a good time right now). With that being said, the exfoliator is really helping to combat this, so I’m not worried about it just yet.


(This side of my face was a particularly problematic area – look how much it’s cleared up!)

I am a little bit disappointed in myself for not getting back on the horse, when it came to getting a new batch of products to maintain my skincare regime (I’VE GOT SOME MORE PRODUCTS NOW!). I am so impressed, however, by how the products that I didn’t run out of, kept the spots at bay. Right now, I feel SO much more confident about going out with no make up on and I’m making more of an effort to just pop a little bit of mascara on my eyelashes and a tiny bit of eyebrow pomade.

My skin doesn’t look as dehydrated or worn out, like it used to, but I really think that is a combination of the wonderful skincare I’ve been using, eating a lot better and drinking a lot more water! I’ve also been eating so much better recently, particularly after moving out, so I’m feeling so happy.

I’ve had a particularly difficult time with the sides of my face (this was mainly due to not washing my make up brushes regularly, GROSS.) and around my T-zone, which was mainly hormonal, and it’s all completely subsided now, with hormonal break outs being kept to a complete minimum, so I’m so happy.

I’m still loving using this three-step system, and right now I feel so content with how it’s helping my skin, so I won’t be stopping anytime soon!


-My make-up sites beautifully on top the Pore Targeting Treatment, so I find this works perfectly as a primer – give it a go!

-Make sure that make up wipes are only the START of your skincare regime in the morning/evening.

-Pop over to Primark and grab a couple of their 3 packs of face cloths (they are literally only £1.50 or something).

-Following on from that, make sure you try to use a new face cloth everyday. It might sound excessive, but honestly, you will not believe the amount of dirt and bacteria that builds up on those things. I’m going by a weekly basis at the moment, purely because I need to get myself to Primark! No one is perfect!

-After applying the Pore Targeting Treatment, let that sink into your skin before you apply the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator!

-Don’t be like me, wash your make up brushes as regularly as possible.

-Drink as much water during the day as possible, and make sure you keep junk food to an absolute minimum!

This post is a sponsored post in collaboration with ProActiv+ but all views are my own – if my skin doesn’t enjoy this course then you’ll sure know about it!

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