Stripe Cami

20th August 2017

Howdy – an actual outfit post from me… who knew?
I’ve shot a couple of looks to go out over the next few weeks, but I wanted to share this one first, purely because STRIPE CAMI, hello. I think it’s in the sale now (I can’t seem to find it on the H&M site but I’ve seen it in three different stores), but isn’t it cute? I’m pretty certain it was under £10 as well, which is even better.

I have a huge thing for stripes at the moment, and must admit that a fair few of my favourite pieces are of the ol’ striped variety. I’ve packed 5 pieces for my holiday that are striped, but it’s just the versatility that I enjoy – the fact that you’re able to dress it up or make it look as casual as anything.

Stripes are timeless, and I believe you should always own at least ONE quality piece that has this pattern on it, because it will never go out of fashion. Despite LOVING this cami, I’d have to say mine is a striped midi dress with a straight cut front and removable straps from Warehouse – OK… not out of this world expensive (it was originally £45), but it’s expensive enough for me!
SO THIS CAMI. Actually wait, before I do, I’ll let you in on a secret – I’M NOT WEARING A BRA. Gasps in the background, I know. It’s just, I am always bloody wearing one, so being able to walk around with support is so freeing. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hardly earth shattering, however my boobs aren’t the biggest, and it’s this that’s made me feel so grateful for them. All my life I’ve HATED my chest, forever worrying that they were never as big as my friends’, but being able let ’em loose under a little cami has really made me appreciate having mosquito bites. It’s not too bad having small boobs!

OKAY SO THE OUTFIT – I finally got the chance to go shopping a couple of weeks ago, and this little cami was one of the first things that caught my eye; lightweight, summery and STRIPEY, I grasped it firmly and marched over to the till.
Here I’ve styled it with my favourite Farleigh jeans for a more casual look, alongside my ASOS espadrilles. I’ve had a love for espadrille wedges since last summer, and was introduced to these lower wedged ones by one of my friends, Lauren (who has GREAT style guys) – we bought the same pair last year, and I feel like I can never be without them now!?
Continuing with my favourite Zara basket bag – a piece that I’m so glad I bought (although the ones doing the rounds from Wood Grey are beautiful), and perfect for the summer months, and finishing the look off with my favourite Daniel Wellington watch. 
I’ve got a busy weekend – sorting the garden with Adam, filming a video (FINALLY YAY), preparing more blog posts and cleaning the house, so it’s looking like a fun few days.


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