Tassels, Vans Slip Ons & Youtube

27th August 2017

Happy Sunday – what a glorious bank holiday weekend it is! We’re currently getting ready for our housewarming later on this afternoon, and it’s involved completely BLITZING the entire house for everyone staying over, doing the garden up (I will do a separate post on this another time) and Adam making a myriad of different dishes for our guests – it’s safe to say we’re both super excited to see and catch up with our friends!

Anyway – onto the outfit, I shot these with one of my best friends Megan a couple of weeks ago, on a beautiful Wednesday evening. I have to say, this is one of my favourite outfits at the moment, and I talk about it in MY NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO (!!!!) as well! It’s so simple, and does the job. Even with Vans on, it looks chic and I just love it.

Speaking of the Vans, I’ve had them for yonks, and I feel like they’re making a little bit of a comeback. I’ve always been a little Vans collector, and surprisingly the only pair I DON’T have is the low top Old Skools! But these, I have to say, are my favourite. I think they’re super stylish, and just make an outfit look effortless. So expect to see them a lot more often around these parts!

The tassel earrings are a pair that I also chat about in my new video, and I loved pairing them with this look because it just took it to another level (LOL, lame) – they’re so swishy, and I would absolutely wear this look with these earrings to a casual dinner.


I’m going to pop off now, but enjoy your extra day off, and whilst you’re chilling out, nursing your hangover (or not) have a watch of my new video; it’s been a very long time since I did this guys, so be kind, I welcome ALL constructive feedback!


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