3 Holiday Outfits

22nd September 2017

Wanna know a secret? I find shooting outfits on holiday really hard – maybe it’s just me, but having to find a quiet little corner in an area you’re not all too familiar with, when you juuust wanna pop down for your paella, stresses me out, but I ALSO wanted to share some looks with you as well. I know… I’m moaning but I managed to get some decent ones didn’t I? So it’s all OK.

I didn’t want to make Adam shoot every outfit I wore, so here are three of them from throughout the course of our holiday last week!

First up is a favourite. I picked this gorgeous green dress up from Topshop a week or two before we jetted off, and knew it would be perfect for when we’d have our day exploring Barcelona. It’s light, airy and the perfect throw on dress, and I think I’ll be getting a little more wear out of it now the weather has gotten a little colder – cream jumper and boots, I am coming for you!

I was kindly gifted this gorgeous dropped hem dress from Cubic* and I immediately knew that I’d be shoving it in my suitcase for our holiday! From a distance, it looks super thick, and something that just would not be suitable for wearing out to dinner in a hot country like Spain but it is made of such an airy fabric which made it perfect for a night out watching the sunset!
Again I’ll be making much use of this in the colder months with tights and boots, but I am forever in love with stripes – so lovely!

Lastly is a look that I thought I would love a lot more, but despite my reservations, I wanted to share with you anyway. I showed this in my most recent Youtube video and made for the perfect exploring outfit. The material meant that it wasn’t sticking to my body all day, particularly in the crazy heat, which I was thankful for, AND the top was double layered, meaning I could go braless without the risk of baring all – YES.


I knew I wanted to invest in a small rucksack to take around with me anyway, and I have such a love for my Longchamp tote that it was pretty inevitable that I’d go for the Longchamp rucksack! It is just the perfect size to throw all my things in, and looks so cute against an outfit. I found it to be great for exploring Barcelona, and I’ll definitely be taking it with me when we go again!

I saw this straw tote on the M&S website weeks ago, but it was sold out whenever I checked back, and still is- BOO. It was only when I popped to the new House of Fraser in Rushden that I decided to take a peek into the giant M&S there, and LO & BEHOLD, they had one, ONE. of these hanging on its own. Obviously I grabbed it and marched straight to the till!

It has been the perfect beach bag, with a zip to keep my mind off worrying about things spilling out too! It was a measly £15, which isn’t bad at all when you think about it, and I think it comes in black too so I’d definitely invest if I were you!

What’s your favourite look? I’m sad to see summer go, but I’ve already got a knitwear collection stocked for the rest of A/W so expect more jumpery posts soon, guys!

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  • NatalieLeanne

    I love the look of all three outfits! That stripy dress is absolutely gorge xxx

    • It’s my favouriiiite, if we go to dinner, I’m constantly picking it out to wear – shame it’s getting cold now haha xx

  • Holly Cooke

    I’m loving these outfits, that first one is gorge! x