A mustard jumper & the aviator jacket everyone loves

4th October 2017

By the time this goes out, I’ll have departed from my train at Paddington to pop to Cardiff for the day. And yes I’m currently writing this on the train as it speeds down to London whilst I nibble on a croissant and down black coffee – it’s going to be a long day!

So anyway, I wanted to chat to you about my favourite type of outfit – all black with a pop of colour. Now you may recognise this aviator jacket as one that was verrrry popular last year, but would you believe me if I told you that this one…. this one’s actually from Primark? £30. I know, I know, my heart stopped for a second when I saw the price tag too. I absolutely loved the Zara version of this, and even more so, the Acne version, but it’s pretty obvious that I wasn’t going to part with more money than I pay for my mortgage every month, for a jacket. They’re beautiful, but I have to eat!

It’s faux fur lined (WHICH MEANS IT IS THE COSIEST THING EVER) and comes with a belt, but it rattles far too much so I took it off. I’d be inclined to say that this look is more transitioning into Winter from Autumn, but the colour of the jumper is just my favourite, so I had to share it with you!

So the jumper is a little Zara bargain that I picked up in Barcelona a few weeks ago, and it is ridiculously soft. I love Zara knitwear – they’re so snug and comfortable. As much as I like Primark and H&M knitwear, I can’t get enough of of Zara and MAYYYY already have quite a few from there for the season…

This is a very basic outfit, that is just easy to throw on. I hate fuss so if I can avoid it, I will! Having an all black outfit with a pop of colour, particularly with a shade like mustard, is perfect for Autumn, dont you think?

Let me know what your go-to shade is for A/W – I’m seriously leaning towards mustard and navy, which is a colour I never really liked before, but as I sit here in navy slacks, something tells me that’s changed!

Photos by Megan Salter.

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  • Natasha

    As ‘pops’ of colour go, mustard has always been my absolute favourite! However, if I must be pushed, then I also love deep burgundy for Autumn too!

    Really enjoyed this post and photographs.

    Natasha | @ofthesaintsUK