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What Went On This Week #8

ELLO EVERYONE. Apologies for the fact that there were not posts this week. It’s been super busy, and in all honesty, I needed a little break! But I wanted to continue with my Sunday updates, since I know you’re all quite interested in hearing…

19th March 2017

What went on this week #7

Another week down guys, and again – apologies that my posts are a little bit stagnant at the moment. Just a warning, I’ve got a lot going on next week, so the same might happen then too! It’s exciting though, I’m prepping for my…

12th March 2017

What went on this week #6

HEY EVERYONE! Apologies for the lack of posts this week! It’s a super crap excuse but I’ve honestly been exhausted, so took a little step back, BUT HI AGAIN. My head hurts – Isla woke up at 4am again, and I’ve consciously tried not…

5th March 2017

What went on this week #5

Damn. Another week down, guys! These come around far quicker than I expect them to, but I won’t lie, this last week has DRAGGED. I’m currently sipping on a cup of tea while Isla munches on her Nesquick cereal and sips a glass of…

26th February 2017

What Went On This Week #4

HAPPY SUNDAY! I’m back with a little update on how this week’s gone. A pretty busy one, but that’s how I like it. VALENTINE’S/GALENTINES: Of course, it was the ‘day of love’ on Tuesday. I spent it at work, but got the loveliest card…

19th February 2017

The Skin Diaries – Month 1

Gosh… so this is my bare face. On the internet. That’s freaking me out a little bit, I won’t lie. Yes, I am very freckly, I know. In the middle of last year, my skin flared up. I had a horrible rash across my…

17th February 2017

The SEO bits you need to implement on your posts

A bit of a different one on the blog today, guys. I know I’m predominantly a style blog (or claim to be), and not to blow my own trumpet here, but I’m pretty scrubbed up on the basics of SEO *wink and point*. When…

8th February 2017

What went on this week #3

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE! Gosh, these posts are coming around so quickly, and I must apologise for the lack of content this week, it seems that whenever I’m in London it completely throws me off (shit excuse but honestly). That being said, this week has…

5th February 2017

What went on this week #2

What a week, you guys. What a week. Anything I say is probably going to sound so unimportant in comparison to everything in the news right now, but let me get on with it in any case! TRUMP: Let’s start with the obvious. I…

29th January 2017

What went on this week #1

I really want to get into the habit of doing the same thing every week on my blog, and I remembered that Sunday Summaries used to be a thing. I thought I’d catch you up on how my week, just gone, has been and…

22nd January 2017