Workwear 101: The Striped Shirt

    Oh man, what is worst than ironing your trousers, sitting down for a little while and then having them crease up all over again!? SO. ANNOYING. The dress code at work is fairly relaxed.…

    18th February 2017

    The Skin Diaries – Month 1

    Gosh… so this is my bare face. On the internet. That’s freaking me out a little bit, I won’t lie. Yes, I am very freckly, I know. In the middle of last year, my…

    17th February 2017

    A quick & cheap Valentine’s Day outfit

    HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE. I was going to do a What Went On This Week, but to be honest… I have absolutely nothing to report apart from the fact that I bought some contact lenses…

    12th February 2017

    The one floral blouse you DEFINITELY need

    Ah. The first post with my new hair! OKAY so – I was on a little peruse for the perfect floral blouse for Spring/Summer last week, and I landed on the New In section…

    10th February 2017

    What went on this week #3

    HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE! Gosh, these posts are coming around so quickly, and I must apologise for the lack of content this week, it seems that whenever I’m in London it completely throws me off…

    5th February 2017

    What went on this week #2

    What a week, you guys. What a week. Anything I say is probably going to sound so unimportant in comparison to everything in the news right now, but let me get on with it…

    29th January 2017

    QUICK & EASY: The Grey Jumper & Slip Ons

      You guys will have read this blog long enough to know that I friggin’ love grey. I’m pretty certain I go on about it in every.single.post. But whatever, who cares if it makes…

    26th January 2017

    What went on this week #1

    I really want to get into the habit of doing the same thing every week on my blog, and I remembered that Sunday Summaries used to be a thing. I thought I’d catch you…

    22nd January 2017