Workwear 101: The Striped Shirt

Oh man, what is worst than ironing your trousers, sitting down for a little while and then having them crease up all over again!? SO. ANNOYING. The dress code at work is fairly relaxed. We don’t need to dress up super smart if we…

18th February 2017

The Skin Diaries – Month 1

Gosh… so this is my bare face. On the internet. That’s freaking me out a little bit, I won’t lie. Yes, I am very freckly, I know. In the middle of last year, my skin flared up. I had a horrible rash across my…

17th February 2017

A quick & cheap Valentine’s Day outfit

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE. I was going to do a What Went On This Week, but to be honest… I have absolutely nothing to report apart from the fact that I bought some contact lenses and watched a lot (a LOT…) of Grey’s Anatomy –…

12th February 2017

The one floral blouse you DEFINITELY need

Ah. The first post with my new hair! OKAY so – I was on a little peruse for the perfect floral blouse for Spring/Summer last week, and I landed on the New In section of H&M. And then I came across this little number.…

10th February 2017

The SEO bits you need to implement on your posts

A bit of a different one on the blog today, guys. I know I’m predominantly a style blog (or claim to be), and not to blow my own trumpet here, but I’m pretty scrubbed up on the basics of SEO *wink and point*. When…

8th February 2017

What went on this week #3

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE! Gosh, these posts are coming around so quickly, and I must apologise for the lack of content this week, it seems that whenever I’m in London it completely throws me off (shit excuse but honestly). That being said, this week has…

5th February 2017

The ‘NEARLY ALL BLACK’ outfit everyone needs

As with grey, black is a colour that I immediately go to when I’m in a big rush and haven’t planned an outfit. A simple Primark jumper, my trusty Topshop jeans, and of course, that damn beanie (and my favourite Zara jacket) is all…

2nd February 2017

What went on this week #2

What a week, you guys. What a week. Anything I say is probably going to sound so unimportant in comparison to everything in the news right now, but let me get on with it in any case! TRUMP: Let’s start with the obvious. I…

29th January 2017

QUICK & EASY: The Grey Jumper & Slip Ons

Β  You guys will have read this blog long enough to know that I friggin’ love grey. I’m pretty certain I go on about it in But whatever, who cares if it makes me happy, right? Today I’ve got my all time favourite…

26th January 2017

What went on this week #1

I really want to get into the habit of doing the same thing every week on my blog, and I remembered that Sunday Summaries used to be a thing. I thought I’d catch you up on how my week, just gone, has been and…

22nd January 2017