What went on this week #6

HEY EVERYONE! Apologies for the lack of posts this week! It’s a super crap excuse but I’ve honestly been exhausted, so took a little step back, BUT HI AGAIN. My head hurts – Isla woke up at 4am again, and I’ve consciously tried not…

5th March 2017

Let’s talk about embroidered statement pieces

MIDDLE OF THE WEEK EVERYONE. We’re on the hump, we can do this. I was going to do the regular outfit post, and I really do love this one, but I thought I’d add a little new flavour to the mix, y’know – it’s…

1st March 2017

What went on this week #5

Damn. Another week down, guys! These come around far quicker than I expect them to, but I won’t lie, this last week has DRAGGED. I’m currently sipping on a cup of tea while Isla munches on her Nesquick cereal and sips a glass of…

26th February 2017

The 4 leopard print pieces you need in your wardrobe

Leopard print. I honestly do love leopard print. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about going full on Pat Butcher,Β but more subtle. I love hints. One stand alone piece that can totally transform an outfit, so I’ve collated the top 4 leopard…

24th February 2017

The Topshop dress you’ll need for Spring

Oh Topshop. Topshop. Topshop. I spotted this floral dress on one of their personal shoppers on their Facebook page at the beginning of the year, but I just couldn’t afford to get it in early January (bloody Christmas eh?) – then I thought, whatever,…

21st February 2017

What Went On This Week #4

HAPPY SUNDAY! I’m back with a little update on how this week’s gone. A pretty busy one, but that’s how I like it. VALENTINE’S/GALENTINES: Of course, it was the ‘day of love’ on Tuesday. I spent it at work, but got the loveliest card…

19th February 2017

Workwear 101: The Striped Shirt

Oh man, what is worst than ironing your trousers, sitting down for a little while and then having them crease up all over again!? SO. ANNOYING. The dress code at work is fairly relaxed. We don’t need to dress up super smart if we…

18th February 2017

The Skin Diaries – Month 1

Gosh… so this is my bare face. On the internet. That’s freaking me out a little bit, I won’t lie. Yes, I am very freckly, I know. In the middle of last year, my skin flared up. I had a horrible rash across my…

17th February 2017

A quick & cheap Valentine’s Day outfit

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE. I was going to do a What Went On This Week, but to be honest… I have absolutely nothing to report apart from the fact that I bought some contact lenses and watched a lot (a LOT…) of Grey’s Anatomy –…

12th February 2017

The one floral blouse you DEFINITELY need

Ah. The first post with my new hair! OKAY so – I was on a little peruse for the perfect floral blouse for Spring/Summer last week, and I landed on the New In section of H&M. And then I came across this little number.…

10th February 2017